MEMBERSHIP There are two ways in which membership can be attained, the first way is to join through the sub-branch and branches which are available per each individual's constituency. The second way to attain membership is by being part of an Association which is an affiliate organisation of the Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD). Members joining LCD on a single-hand basis are mandated to: a) Support the mission and vision of the congress. Engage in enforcing the growth and unity of the congress at all times. They must submit to the authority of the congress as stipulated in the constitution. They must respect the resolutions reached/made by the congress leadership. b) Members must be the age of eighteen (18) and/or above. c) Members must not have membership in any other political party, or any political organisation which does not agree with the Lesotho Congress For Democracy (LCD) in terms of vision and mission. APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP An application form will be made available to applicants under the authority of the applicant's constituency, sub-branch office. And it should be accompanied by a stipulated membership fee. (Refer to sec 4.2.1 and 4.2.2, of the constitution). ADMISSION OF A MEMBER The national executive committee has the discretion to issue out admission or to discard an application of membership as it deems necessary. Admitted members shall under-go a trail period of 18 months regardless of how a member obtained membership into the congress