Manifesto | 2015 LCD MANIFESTO


The core value of the Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD) is democracy. Since its emergence in 1997, LCD pledged to uphold three tenets of its belief as expressed by its motto “Truth, Justice and Peace”. Through this belief it strives to promote equality and fairness to all and this principle has guided the party to this day. It is this principle that led to a fall-out with party coalition members that regard democracy as an option but not an obligation. LCD will continue to promote equality for all and to unite the nation that recently experienced political intolerance. In 2012 we promised to work hard to realize the goal of good health for all and the development of Lesotho’s economy while promoting peace and stability in our country. Furthermore, the LCD assumed that its achievement of professionalized Army and Police services will be upheld. However, we note with regret that peace and stability which are the pillars of socio-economic development have recently been shaken and the expected economic development has eluded us. Despite these challenges the LCD still managed to engineer developments in different sectors of life which have improved the livelihoods of the Basotho. We wish to assure the Basotho nation that LCD will complete the process of devolvement of power to the grassroots and to the marginalized, as guided by the ideals of the LCD Founder, Dr. Ntsu Mokhehle, who maintained that “those in power should be mandated by the people who put them in power and not vice-versa” (Babusi ba busoe ke babusuoa ba bona), so that they can shape their own destiny. We renew our promise for working hard to realize economic growth, service delivery and maintenance of peace and security of our country. We promise not to rewrite the past but to chart a new future, of harmony not turmoil; a future imbued with humility not arrogance. Much as we have done a lot in the past to improve the lives of our citizens, we accept that more still has to be done and time is fast running out. This is why we have adopted a radical approach in this manifesto with ambitious targets to ensure that Lesotho gets out of the Least Developing Countries (LDC) within the next 10 years. The next national elections will be the choice between democracy and oppression, between truth and deceit, between justice and bigotry, and between peace and turmoil. Therefore LCD is a natural choice for the Basotho nation. Let the record speak for itself as outlined in subsequent chapter as we search for a fresh mandate. Vote for LCD, and vote for the government of the people, for the people and by the people…….








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